In Field Instruction and Loading

Practice is what improves us all, but having someone there to ask ‘where did I go wrong?’ at the right time is a huge advantage and one that really makes a difference. Understanding where the birds will flush from and fly to and how they are going to fly on the wind are just a few things key to being able to improve your In-Field skills.

Most have difficultly being as consistent on game as they are at the shooting ground, no two shots are the same. I can help ensure you perform to the best of your ability, clay ground and in the field alike. Having an instructor accompany you to your shoot day will allow more confidence and security throughout the day, whilst at the same time accelerating your skills.

Technique, footwork, gun mount and etiquette can all be honed at the clay ground but no amount of clays can replicate a high pheasant that’s speeding up, dropping and also sliding on the wind.  This is where only the best instruction will do.

No two shots are the same and therefore one method of shot is never usually suitable.  Moreover the instruction should be tailored to you and your individual learning style.  

First time on a game shoot?

Attending your first game shoot is an exciting prospect,  a chance to put everything you have learnt so far in to action on the real thing. 

However it can also be quite daunting for many. Having an instructor accompany you will ease any worries or nerves you have regarding the day and increase confidence. 

Alternatively, on a game lesson at the clay ground we can cover all aspects of a day in the field, from format of a day to dress code, etiquette and most importantly saftey! 

I will make sure you get the most out of your first day in the field.